The potting bench

There’s a new addition to the garden this year, thanks to my brother and brother-in-law.  Tommy, my brother had some left-over lumber from a deck they had built and so he got creative and built him and Mark a potting bench. Well, I fell in love with it and somewhat, ok, strongly, hinted how I would love to have one.  So, for my birthday a few months ago, they came over and built me one too!

We bought the lumber from Home Depot and they cut some of the boards for us, so putting it together went fairly fast.  The wire back, Tommy found from an online company…it’s actually a garage organizer but it works so well for our potting bench purpose.  It even has an adjustable basket which is so handy.  Mark found some neat hangers….dragonflies and owls from a nearby home store.  I’m waiting until I can stain the lumber before I put up the hangers.  Here’s a few pics……


We started with the sides.  The back 4×4’s are 6 ft tall.  The front ones are 3 ft. tall.  The side connecting boards are deck boards that are cut 18 1/2 inches long.



To make attaching the two sides together easier, we laid them down and then attached a deck board that’s been cut to 57 3/4 inch long to the front and one to the back.



After we stood the bench up, we attached the top boards around the perimeter.



The 8 bottom shelf boards are cut to 21″ long and the 4 boards that make up the top of the potting bench are 60″ long.  ( The back one we had to notch around the 4×4).  Two back boards connecting the top were added for the metal grid.



Here it is with the grid work in the back.  It serves as a great place to hang tools or whatever!



And here we all are……the bench is sturdy enough, it could have probably held us all!  I’m anxious to get the bench stained, but because we used pressure treated wood, am waiting for it to dry out some.

I finally have a central place to put some of the smaller gardening stuff.  No more searching the yard for lost tools!  🙂