has sprung!  Or at the very least, it is springing along.  🙂  It seems like it is taking it’s time this year or it could just be that I am overly anxious to get outside, but it seems we have broken through winter’s grasp and a new gardening year is finally here!


Besides the crocus, the daffodils are the first burst of spring up on this hill.  I have them planted everywhere, first because I love daffodils and secondly because squirrels don’t!  Mainly because they’re poisonous but this works in my favor.  The times I’ve tried to plant tulips, they mysteriously disappear and I’m pretty sure I know who the sticky fingers belong to.   Besides being beautiful, daffodils are surprisingly tough.  I’ve seen them in full bloom, then get snowed upon and continue on without missing a beat.  And they seem to shout “welcome spring”!


The peonies are starting to poke through.   One of my first rituals of cleaning up each spring, is to gently pull back the leaves and other natural winter debris that accumulates around the old peony stems.  You’d think I had found gold by the smile on my face.  Just to see them poking through the ground, is a sure sign things are moving along.


The daylilies.  Another first chore for me is to rake out Autumn’s old leaves from the daylilies.  The job is so much easier when they are small and since they grow so fast, I get to this job pretty quickly.

DSC_0047 DSC_0044

The dappled willow shrub at the top is sending out a few leaves to test out the weather and the lilac buds on the bottom picture are enjoying a bit of spring sunshine.


Moss getting set to bloom.  For some unknown reason, perhaps the wet summer last year, I have moss growing here and there around the yard where there was none before.  This seems strange to me because where there is the most growing, it is the sunniest, hottest part of the yard.  I love moss and would love to have it in the pathway I’m making this year, so I hope it will take to that area too.  The picture can’t capture how green it is….almost makes your eyes hurt.


My big project this spring and where I’ve been on most nice days….I put in 2 sections of split rail fencing with a wide bed that runs the entire distance of the fence and straddles either side.  This is where I’m putting a large planting of bee flowers.  The fence also acts as a loose definition to the veggie garden….hope the bees will appreciate the extra flowers and not chase me around the yard all summer!


And the one thing I do miss about winter.  The sunsets.  Winter wins hands down in this department.  I’ve really enjoyed them this year.

Well, that’s enough goings on for now.  The outside spring cleaning and projects are getting underway with gusto.  I kissed Dave as I was heading out the door and told him I’d see him next winter!  🙂