I saw on-line a few months ago, where one could easily build solitary bee “houses” out of a scrap piece of wood.  I had 3 chunky pieces of wood left where I had to shorten the post of the split rail fence, so I thought they would make a decent home for the bees.  The wood had not been treated, so it was good to go.  I drilled holes in varying widths on the face of the wood and for the depth I marked the drill to come short an inch or so short of the back.   Although the bees are more specific to the width of the hole, I let them decide which hole they were more suitable for.  I hung one under the eave of the shed roof and the other one on a tree with an overhang of a scrap piece of wood I had for a roof, to protect the bees from rain per the instructions I had read.



It’s a success!  Looks like I’ve got some mason bees as neighbors!  They have already filled up 6 holes and are quite busy with the rest.  There are plenty of trees blooming right now, and they are taking advantage of the pollen that’s available.  The apple tree is close by, so that might have helped them choosing these nest instead of using the woods near by.



If you look closely, you can see some of the holes that are filled up.  They first chose the smaller holes and are now working on the medium sized ones.  I drilled the larger holes thinking the carpenter bees might use them, but it seems they would rather build their nest in my wooden garden bench!  🙂  Next time I’ll make all the holes smaller.


I’m glad they’re close enough to watch……I have enjoyed learning about some of the smaller critters I share my garden with!